Travel Management, Simplified.
Streamline leisure & corporate travel management with comprehensive support, all conveniently in one place—minimizing stress, maximizing efficiency.
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Use Cases
What does a travel manager do?

Book, manage, and report seamlessly with an intelligent and user-friendly travel platform. Access exclusive rates, ensure flexibility backed by 24/7 support.

Unlimited Booking
Book without limits - unlimited searches, bookings, profiles, documents and airline content.
World-class Inventory
Search & book through unparalleled options on flights, transport, and accommodation with GDS and Direct Connects
Order Management
Add payment, issue tickets, print & send to client with just a few clicks
Traveler’s Data
Maintain important traveler data with unlimited profiles for smooth journeys from booking to billing in a centralized hub with unlimited storage capacity.
Corporate Client Data
Seamlessly connect company policies to corporate client profiles, enabling efficient management of company-wide travel.
Travel Policy
Set the rules and processes within the platform, leaving your travelers free to book for themselves while staying within policy.
Value-Added Services
Chat Support
Provide 24/7 instant assistance to travelers via real-time chat.
Queue Management
Easily track PNR status, time limits, and updates by organizing in & off platform bookings into shareable queues for simplified itinerary management.
Creating Deals
Create ideal deals & packages on flights, hotels, cars, and more, all tailored to your client's preferences & budget.
Travel Task Management
Post Booking Operations
Effortlessly enhance post-booking experience— issue tickets, send PDF invoices, allocate seats, and manage trip essentials seamlessly.
Update & Manage Profiles
Conveniently update corporate and leisure traveler preferences and trip information in one single platform.
Limitless Searches & Booking
Empower your agency with a streamlined, unlimited booking experience for corporate and leisure travel. Effortlessly enhance efficiency and satisfaction through seamless processes, ensuring optimal travel management.
Limitless Searches & Booking
Streamlined Order Management Capabilities
Effortlessly enhance post-booking experience—issue tickets, send PDF invoices, allocate seats, and manage trip essentials. Conveniently update corporate and leisure traveler profiles and trip details in one unified platform.
Streamlined Order Management Capabilities
Seamless Corporate & Traveler Data Management
Effortlessly streamline journeys with centralized traveler data and seamlessly connect corporate policies for efficient company-wide travel management. Enjoy unlimited access and storage for comprehensive and accessible information.
Seamless Corporate & Traveler Data Management
Instant Chat Support
Stay connected with your traveler 24/7 in real-time chat support for immediate assistance, ensuring travelers an experience with seamless, instant solutions to enhance their journey.
Instant Chat Support
Tailored Travel Packages
Craft the perfect deals on flights, hotels, cars, and more. Tailor each package to your client's preferences and budget, ensuring an ideal travel experience every time.
Tailored Travel Packages