Self Booking Platform For Your Travelers
Transform traveler booking experience with a streamlined, online self-booking platform, with personalized deals and offers matching preferences.
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Getting Started with
Online Booking Tool

Simplify travel management with our self-booking platform, offering personalized recommendations. Seamlessly manage bookings, create web pages, and engage with travelers for a hassle-free, tailored experience.

Customer-facing platform
Online Booking
Optimized online tools for efficient booking, aligning with travelers’ preferences, policies, & schedules.
Customer Profiles
Seamlessly manage leisure & corporate traveler data using our advanced tools for a personalized experience.
Approval Request
Automate booking workflows, removing travel planning bottlenecks with responsive tech
Create Web Pages
Dynamic Pages
Configure dynamic web pages under your agency name with TravelApp, adapting to your evolving travel offerings.
Static Pages
Build timeless static agency pages on TravelApp, showcasing your brand & services effectively.
Profile Switch
Invite collaborators to book on your behalf with customizable permission levels
Manage Packages
Personalize your travelers' journey with exclusive offers.
Craft unique experiences for your clients with custom deals.
Chat with Travelers
Connect with your Traveler
Connect with travelers seamlessly on TravelApp, fostering personalized interactions for exceptional journeys.
Provide Support
Offer 24/7 client support through direct chats, ensuring a seamless travel experience.
Seamless TravelApp Launch
Set up TravelApp quickly with essential changes. Transform the blank slate into your web presence with customized branding through configured offerings, ensuring a tailored launch.
Seamless TravelApp Launch
Tailored Platform Customization
Tailor TravelApp with key features. Set taglines, control visual elements, manage social links, and optimize booking preferences. Make a lasting impression with brand colors and streamlined self-booking options.
Tailored Platform Customization
Create Packages & Custom products
Effortlessly craft diverse packages. Create options for flights, add static and dynamic products, and update existing packages. Explore custom products with channels, suppliers, categories, and inventory management for versatility.
Create Packages & Custom products
Streamlined Business Travel
Enhance corporate travel experiences. Enable guest bookings, setup travel arrangers, manage cost centers, authorize travel, and monitor orders within your organization for streamlined efficient corporate travel.
Streamlined Business Travel