Corporate travel simplified, an all-in-one solution.
Experience seamless corporate travel with our all-in-one booking solution, covering hotels, flights, transportation & more with unparalleled support — at an optimized rate.
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Use Cases
What does Corporate Travel Organisations do?

Streamline business travel with our all-in-one app, offering seamless bookings, efficient support, itinerary management, and cost control features for travelers.

Corporate Travel Management
Travel Arrangers
Designate travel arrangers for personalized booking assistance within corporations, streamlining the travel arrangement process.
Corporate Codes
Integrate corporate codes from suppliers to provide corporate clients with better rates & benefits for travel bookings.
Organization Management
Create Organization Structure
Simplify organization structure management with flexible & custom roles, levels to create your company hierarchy.
Maintain Organization Levels
Enhance travel workflow by managing organizational levels, granting permission for booking, tracking, and managing arrangements.
Policy Compliance
Optimize compliance, control spending with corporate policies, set budgets, & ensure duty of care.
Trip Approval & Expense Management
In-built Travel Approval
Incorporate multi-departmental approvals to prevent policy breaches by requiring approvals before confirmation.
Expense Management
Manage expenses with cost centers, budgets, and digital receipt uploads for streamlined finance tracking.
Support & Communication
Streamline Client Relation Management
Easily access and purchase amenities via convenient add-on services, enhancing comfort and satisfaction for travelers.
24/7 Chat Support
24/7 instant chat streamlines traveler engagement, reducing emails by 80% through real-time issue resolution.
Efficient Organization Structure Creation
Simplify roles for streamlined coordination, ensuring a standardized and secure travel process within the organization's hierarchy.
Efficient Organization Structure Creation
Dynamic Organization Level Management
Enhance workflow by managing levels, enabling booking permissions and comprehensive tracking for efficient travel management.
Dynamic Organization Level Management
Integrated Travel Approval Workflow
Ensure policy adherence with multi-departmental approvals, preventing breaches. Bookings require relevant department approvals for confirmation, ensuring compliance and security.
Integrated Travel Approval Workflow
Travel Arranger Feasibility
Designate personalized travel arrangers for seamless booking assistance, streamlining the corporate travel process and enhancing traveler experience and efficiency.
Travel Arranger Feasibility
Exclusive Corporate Benefits & Expense Control
Access special rate with unique corporate codes for travel bookings and effortlessly manage expenses with cost centers, budgets, and digital receipt uploads seamlessly.
Exclusive Corporate Benefits & Expense Control