Elevating Travel Management, Worldwide!
An all-in-one solution closing the gap in travel management, empowering corporate & leisure Travelers, Travel Agents, and Finance Teams with seamless, customizable experience.
Our Mission
A new era in travel industry
Create bookings with ease
Optimized platform for easy booking, aligning with travelers’ preferences, policies, & schedules. Seamlessly integrated into the Welltravel Ecosystem for automated orders and secure payments.
Empowering managers
Empowering Travel Managers with a comprehensive platform for seamless leisure & corporate travel management. Access exclusive rates, ensure flexibility, and 24/7 support for stress-free booking, managing, and reporting.
Path to simplicity
With cutting-edge travel software ecosystem experience cost-effective travel platform for seamless booking, management, with shared collaboration, flexible subscriptions, scalability, and top-notch security.
Cost-Effective Travel
Unlock savings and curb rogue spending with Welltravel. Access tailored deals and custom offers, ensuring compliance and savings for your company.
The Welltravel journey
Follow the story of the development of the tools that became the Welltravel ecosystem
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Updates - Increased functionality of order management
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Added more content through various partnerships
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Taken user feedback and enhanced the platform meeting real user needs
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Go live Welltravel.com — fully integrated Travel Management Platform.
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Supporting the travel industry by waiving 9 months of fees Investment of USD 5m+ infused into the product.
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100’000+ Unique Visitors on McDonalds (ZA) / XL Embassy Platform.
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1000+ paying Welltravel Ecosystem professional users Go live - Mobile Apps
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Go live - Corporate Booking Engine 100+ customers
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Go live - Online Booking Engine 500k+ paid API Transactions per month
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Go live - API’s. First product sales, partnerships with Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport First NDC Projects (BA, LH-Group)
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Beta user testing feedback More than 100+ tests.
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First prototyping & API testing

At heart we want you to enjoy using our travel management platform. This is where we take aim, this is where we focus our daily efforts, to bring you a solution that meets your needs.

Philipp Wellstein
CEO, Welltravel
How we work
Core principles which show us the way

At Welltravel, we understand that success is not merely a destination but a continuous pursuit. Our core principles define who we are and how we approach every challenge and opportunity.

Leadership with insight
Our passion for travel motivates us to build and deliver innovative solutions for the travel industry. The travel industry is constantly undergoing advancements, change, and growth leading to complexity that we aim to simplify with our solutions.
Innovation that builds solutions
From pioneering the first Rest APIs for the travel industry, to delivering our users with the state of the art fare comparison tool, our vision has been to bridge the gap between travel and technology.
Customer service that listens
Access our comprehensive support system featuring the ticket system, extensive knowledge base, and video tutorials. Get assistance, complete tasks, and maximize benefits from the Welltravel Ecosystem with step-by-step guides and helpful feature information.
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Ready to power up?
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