Easy Accounting, For Your Travel Business.
Integrated reporting, accounting, and bookkeeping for your travel management platform. Analyze, Optimize, and reclaim valuable time.
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Use Cases
What does the Finance Team do?

Simplify reporting, streamline accounting, and optimize bookkeeping maximizing cost savings and efficiency while ensuring compliance in every step.

Account Management
Easy Accounting
Ensure accuracy and consistency by eliminating manual data entry and reconciliation processes.
Simplified Bookkeeping
Generate detailed reports for bookkeeping purposes.
Expense Tracking
Capture and categorize travel expenses in real-time, reducing the risk of errors and delays. Streamline the approval process with automated workflows, ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations.
Simplify Reconciliation Processes
Sync travel bookings and expenses with your existing bookkeeping system for streamlined reconciliation integrated with IATA. Track payments, invoices, and reimbursements efficiently.
Monitor Financial Data
Track travel expenses in real-time. Monitor spending trends and patterns effortlessly.
Ensure Policy & Compliance
Customize spending limits so everyone can book for themselves easily, staying within budget policies and regulations. Flag non-compliant expenses for review and approval.
Trend Tracking
Elevate your strategy by seamlessly tracking emerging trends with our comprehensive and insightful reports.
Customize Parameters
Set parameters and filters to extract precise insights from your data. Analyze expense trends, identify outliers, and make data-driven decisions to optimize spending.
Comprehensive KPIs
Access real-time data on orders, bookings, and issuance, for accurate forecasting and budget planning.
Access up to date revenue trends of your business for easy planning and management
Drive Informed Decision-Making
Utilize data-driven analytics to make strategic financial decisions. Identify opportunities for cost-saving and optimization.
24/7 Support
Receive 24/7 assistance to ensure smooth operation of the platform.
Insightful Expense Reporting Analysis
Generate comprehensive financial reports on travel expenses for accurate forecasting and data-driven budget planning through customized parameters.
Insightful Expense Reporting Analysis
Seamless Accounting Integration with Financial Systems
Seamlessly integrate accounting systems to synchronize travel expenses, reducing manual work while tracking expenses for policy compliance.
Seamless Accounting Integration with Financial Systems
Bookkeep Expense and Organizational Records
Streamline reconciliation and maintain accurate records with synced bookkeeping, supporting audit trail needs and compliance monitoring for travel spending.
Bookkeep Expense and Organizational Records